Marble has been the king of raw materials in the building industry. It has been the conventional and modern style and a great contributor to interior designs. Modern-day interiors have a major focus on floors in newer and better ways.

Modern interior floorings are a debate and leave interior designers in a confusion. Flooring plays a major role in creating a modern look to your interior. Not only does it need to look good but also serve as a good foundation for your interior.

What is Marble?

Marble is a natural and strong stone with a strong ability to withstand scratches, strength and good resistance. Known for its mighty strength, marble has its name in the interior world.

Marble is an ideal flooring option. 

The marble comes in different colors and varieties to choose from. So here is a list of types of marbles you can choose for your flooring.

Types of Marble Flooring 

Marble flooring is a great option for every weather condition ranging from humid to dry. Why choose marble flooring? Here are the different types of marble with their respective features to choose from.

Black Marble

Give a bold style to your interior with black marble tile. The black marble tile comes in solid color and patterns, giving a rich look to the interior. It is an all-rounder color that makes a statement in an interior. Some of the black marble tiles are:

Negro Marquina

Negro Marquina is a solid black marble with white streaks giving an artisitic look to it. These are the most common black marble used in bathrooms and kitchens mostly to give them a bright look.

Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro gives an Italic look to the usual marble with a combination of black and golden. The golden streaks on the solid black tile featuring a leopard look-alike print. The pattern looks like a mosaic with each print different from the other. These tiles are good for kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. 

Blue Violet

As the name suggests blue violet is a mixture of blue and violet color tones. This black marble is textured and looks very different in your interior. Best suited for wall décor , blue violet has a popular market demand.

White Marble

The classic white marble is what most of us have known marbles for. The glistening white marbles never go out of style and market with different types in it. Here are some white marbles.


Calacatta is the classic Italian marble known for its lush white color with gray and golden veins in it. The Calacatta marble dates to Rome, Renaissance and Baroque. This is an expensive marble used in interior kitchen floors, fireplaces and office floors. Calacatta marble tiles go best with Edge colors, Quartzite and Pumice.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble comes in solid whitish gray color with distinctive feathery veins on it. Its unique white color has made it popular in the Renaissance period used to make famous monuments. It is best suited for your living room flooring as it is also used in forts and castle’s flooring too.

Some other famous white marbles are Mystery white, Bianco Lasa and Statuario.

Beige Marble

Beige colored marble is also a very famous one with different kinds of it. They are known to add calmness and lightness to every interior setting. Some of the types are:

Moscato Beige

Moscato Beige is a warmly colored beige with pearl colored veins on some of its surface. The colors add a hint of brightness to your interior and are best suited for room and lounge floorings.


Boticcino is a soft beige colored with golden tones in it. The unique combination of Italian aesthetics and classics is what makes this marble worth it. It has golden streaks that make it look like sea foam. These tiles are all-rounder and used in hallways, lounges and rooms. If you aim to get a uniform look to your house, go for these.

Here are the best marble choices out there to decorate your home in a way know one has seen before. If you are looking for best suitable wall décor products.